Operational Excellence Online Championship
11 - 15 OCTOBER 2021
DO YOU Consider yourself an expert in Lean Management and Operational Excellence? DO YOU Want to prove that you are the fastest, the strongest and more efficient?
Compete for the Operational Excellence Championship Cup and earn the recognition you deserve!

We invite you to participate in an online championship “Operational excellence” that is held as a part of the IPWeek 2021.

Purpose of the Championship

The purpose of the Championship is to reveal and to popularize the best practices in the field of lean management and operational excellence. The Championship is a platform that allows to reveal leaders and experts in the operational management among companies, organizations, and MBA schools, and to support professional and career growth of the participants.

process of the Championship

During the Championship, the teams will have to control manufacturing enterprises and to find the most effective and efficient operational solutions. The development, implementation, and assessment of the results and effectiveness of the proposed measures will be carried out using a digital twin of the enterprise developed by a leading company in the field of digital solutions. The virtual representation of the enterprise’s processes will allow teams to track the impact of their decisions on the key indexes of the enterprise in real time.

The enterprise performance improvement will happen during 3 stages:
Stage 1: "quick win"

Teams will be challenged to find the "quick wins" - the most effective measures in terms of timing and cost of implementation, as well as the resulting effect.
Stage 2: Comprehensive Improvements
In contrast to the first stage of "quick wins", the second round includes a more systematic approach to the problem and a need to determine a correlation between processes and their indexes.
Stage 3: "Roadmap for the Development"
Using all the data obtained in the previous stages, brainstorms’ results and hypothesis analysis, the teams should develop a roadmap of further improvement steps to improve the efficiency of the enterprise and present it to the expert jury.
Terms of the competition
Applications for participation in the Championship are accepted until September 1, 2021. The list of team participants and payment of the registration fee will be accepted until September 11, 2021.The Championship is held within the framework of "IPWeek 2021". The exact date and time of the Championship will be specified later.
Who can participate?
Teams of 5 corporate participants of IPWeek 2021 can participate in the Championship.
Cost of participation
Registration fee for the Championship is €1,500 for a team of 5 persons.
Evaluation criteria and procedure for summing up the competition
The Championship is won by the team that has the highest score after 3 rounds. Team ranking is displayed in real-time mode which ensures transparency of the evaluation of each stage.

Evaluation of Stage 1 "Quick Wins":
5 points are given to a team that was first to correctly identify the most efficient measure, the “quick win”. Maximum number of points for a team for this round is 35.

Evaluation of Stage 2 "complex Improvements":
50 points are given to a team whose complex measures have made the greatest positive impact on the key indexes of the enterprise. The rest of the teams will be given points according to their places.

evaluation of Stage 3 "Roadmap":
The results of this stage are evaluated by an expert jury. Each expert assigns a score (from 1 to 10) based on five criteria:

1) level of demonstrated managerial competencies, knowledge and skills to optimize processes and achieve operational excellence
2) relevance of the proposed roadmap
3) level of elaboration of the proposed roadmap
4) structure and logic of presentation
5) report quality. Maximum number of points for a team for this round is 50.
Awarding winners and laureates, publication of the contest results
The winners of the Championship are awarded diplomas and cups that corresponds with the first, the second, and the third places. All participants of the Championship are awarded commemorative certificates.
The Championship Partners may create additional prizes. In that case, the information will be published on the website.
championship Results
Championship results are published on the website, in the official materialsof IPWeek 2021, will be sent to the partners, and media.
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